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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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you play the warehouse. if you travel around you will see the exact same kind of weirdos doing their own thing. it is like in the bay area it's even more absurd. there seems to be more people that in a place like new york or tokyo. we did a show in new york, i didn't think that anyone was at hardly, and people come up and said i saw the show. i wish they had some kind of breakfast noise going on over there. i think a lot of people were being, walking out of the shows. that was incredible. i can't believe it's over already, after two hours. if you are reluctant to enjoy something like this
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it will probably take a mass of peers to sell you on it. it's fine if you stay away. most of the people that come to the shows are pretty happy to be here. you may not be one of them. which is fine. >> present i'm for the record that commissioner akers. there she is. we have quorum. i'm here, too. oh, president tan here >> so the first order of business is public comment any public comment that is
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appropriately to san francisco entertainment commission so is there anyone here to speak on. no so seeing none, public comment is closed. the approval and review of minutes one from our entertainment commission retreat mark 7 and june 3rdrd. any questions or comments. >> oh, yes. >> see the minutes. >> yes on is vice chair commissioner hyde called the meeting to order and he present at the meeting were commissioners and then i was absent below that - >> great hopefully that's noted. any other corrections or
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changes? guess not happy to take a motion >> i move to approve. >> there's a motion to approve both sets of minutes. >> yes. >> is there a second. >> second. >> okay. we can further discuss this. >> are we talking about the retreat. >> yes. >> if you want to discuss it. >> well, i wasn't absent i was there. >> oh, great. >> it was present on the first page. >> in the roll call. >> oh, and also under c when we took that vote actually (inaudible).
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>> you need to talk about into the microphone. >> i'm sorry. on c when what we took the vote it says it was agreed but by all commissioners c was the language i actually voted no >> that's true let the record and the minutes show that. >> commissioner lee i'm wondering on page 4 on your comments if it should state that that tab of xcy was someone else's it would be yours. >> right it wasn't mine. >> you can plead the fifth. >> as a side note the retreat was not in this building off site we didn't have the sfgov
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and nothing other than note taking less than verbatim. >> now is our chances to correct them. >> if you guys feel you can't approve those today that's okay as well we can take certainly worth taking the time to be scrutinized a little bit more. >> i want to amend the motion if possible. >> sure. >> can we break up. >> we have to vote on the other hand, and still have a new motion. >> let's vote we're voting on the two so is - there's a motion and second to approve both the minutes let's take the vote. >> commissioner campagnoli. commissioner lee. commissioner joseph. no. president tan. no. commissioner hyde.
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no. commissioner perez. no. commissioner akers >> so the motion do not pass. >> i move to approve the minutes of june 3rdrd. >> second. >> commissioner akers second can we vote on that. >>. any public comment on the minutes >> this is to approve june 3rd only. commissioner akers. commissioner perez. commissioner hyde. commissioner joseph. commissioner lee. commissioner campagnoli. president tan. >> right all right. to that motion s is approved we're left with the march 29 minutes do we feel ready to move do we want to poison. >> i'm going to move to continue them. >> is there a second. >> second. >> a motion to continue to the next meeting july 15th pr yes.
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>> i have a question so if we continue those minutes what's - i'd like to know what's going to happen between now and the next meeting with regards to the minutes. >> well, the commissioners will take them home. >> because of errors. >> yes. >> and e-mail them. >> yeah. >> and then directly to court of appeals. okay. if you have any changes all right. >> i don't know who made the motion. >> i did. >> who seconded. >> you audrey and then me seconded. >> the motion for june 3rdrd. >> no. >> someone made a motion to continue the minutes. >> i did and there's no second. >> second. >> there's a second here we go >> are we ready for the continuance of 15 of july. >> commissioner akers.
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commissioner perez. commissioner hyde. commissioner joseph. commissioner lee. commissioner campagnoli. president tan. >> so moved we're going to move on to item 3 on our agenda the report from the executive director. >> good evening there's nothing in writing not a lot happened. i wanted to update the commission on a couple of things on an ongoing basis i kind of rotate those through there's a few trajectories i thought i'd give you a sound ordnance recession if you recall i think it was 09 maybe there was a similar attempt to put a noise task force together by the board of supervisors on which sit any of the agencies that deal with
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sound regulation so there's quite a few agencies in the city that deals with the sourgz of sounds and who regulates there's a bunch of sound nobody knows about we came back to the question of the new sound so we're back at it and being convened by the department of public health which are very involved with sound and noise control i like to call it sound control they call it the noise task force its will unfortunate sound some people don't likes certainly sound so we're working hard obviously on things
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pertaining and inspector burke is involved hopefully, we'll brick that to you. really we're trying to create something called a guidance we don't use that that's a policy statement here's the law but how the city interprets the law it's a lengthy document i think you'll find interesting when we finish it as a guiding principle for all who answers the calls if the public facing requests for sound control. so again it's ongoing i hope i think maybe the fall. there will be something to show the commission we'll be certainly happy to show the public health department or someone to come and make the
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presentation. also on, on ongoing basis we're continuing to really out the environmental review study that's now trying to capture the economic impact there was an attempt by supervisor campos and supervisor wiener to not only to include the festivals that are lgbt we push hard to add in the rest of the kinds of festivals so there's a survey out about 4 different fairs and festivals and now we're ready heading to pride that will go through the fall including probably outside lands and treasure island as well. so that will be exciting we do it by the end of the year expect
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results some big numbers as well we know how many people come and are spending >> when a who thinks. >> howard was the guest at the kickoff at hate street and i can't remember there was one more and so i think pride is next. it wasn't north beach maybe cherry bloom >> so who are they. >> the controller's office is working with us and the festival producers so ultimately the festival producers are trying to capture the data by a survey that was done by the controller and the training is simple. >> i know that pride is dedicated to one person to the effort. i did want to say with regard it that you know how pride rolls
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it's the biggest event in the city and how to rolls really depends on political action pride used to driveway seven hundred and 500 thousand people and last year, it drew a maintain 8 because of prop a and this year pride is in toronto and new york we don't expect those numbers the thing with pride that i want people to understand it really depends on whether or not our having share or whether there's a major political ruling coming down from something a report or whatever. >> the way to think about this exercise it's not relevant how pride this year does in numbers we're aiming for a dollar figure for each individual that comes
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to san francisco on an average any kind of. >> and extrapolate the numbers. >> and if pride has 8 hundred thousand but next year it would be a million and 8 it doesn't matter just a person coming outside of san francisco and all the stuff you can end up with a dollar finger did that makes sense. >> they tried to do that last year and internally and came up with 80 million. >> it doesn't surprise me we expect bend which the year to have the data tallied and it will be presented to you and the board. and then from there we hope to have further discussions around the costs of fairs and festivals
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that the city imposes and bring that conversation that we start here back around with respect to the value number because i think that will move that conversation better. i put in my report an update on the appointment dates and the election of officials and we added the location of officers so i don't necessarily have to report on that i'll remind everyone that commissioner campagnolis term what we call seat 7 that puts numbers on that i can remember will be july 1st a she's agreed by mayor's office we're looking at a candidate being put forward from the mayor's office for that seat
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we've hoping there's not a 60 day hold period we don't believe this is your farewell meeting just yet hang in there. oh, commissioner lee also is up his term is up so that's a board appointment a little bit of a different process but we do know the announcement for that asset unnecessary is posted and is out there i have not heard from the board for formal candidates we'll keep you informed everything else is good to go for another year if you need to know when your date you can send this around again. okay. i'm going to let you guys do our election that's next oh, do you have a question >> i have a question on the sound thing so the last time the
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partners got together took for the nightclubs and entertainment they took the age bitten to 8 decimals over am bitten which was helpful is there a chance they're going to go back to 5 are increase it to 10 or do you have any idea. >> tyler going to obviously look to us for changes that this moves. there's no discussion actually know it's not an issue unless the commission wants to make it an issue as far as the staff is concerned it could be okay with 8 but i'll put it to the commission to think about the
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difference between that standard and the standard that's in the good neighbor policy it's consistent right now so the staff struggles with it because there's two different standards >> i have one other question one of the things we've been hearing of late is human noise. so people on the street are talking to each other and it's 1 o'clock in the morning i believe that human speech is not can't beleaguer listed and people can walk down a street and so that's tends to be a problem for neighbors. people walking down the street and talking and laughing and stuff like this so is this task force trying to address that in
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some way to educate residents or the public do you have any idea at this point >> yes. this is coming from a place we want to make sure with the source of noise is the proper department that regulates that source of noise. really hadn't been that much engagement but ultimately that temporary noise that's emanating from people is a police matter. and at this point i mean, the only discussion we've had around this is more like street performance than that discussion. just also so you know virginia has been a long on this issue of noise control or sound control is the attorney >> oh, good. >> so she's guiding us along
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and i'm pretty sure on her analysis she's going to protect free speech the way the city also protects it i don't see anything that's going to change the standard. >> it sounds like it's more of a policy issue. >> because the guidance is the tool that's being created in addition to the changes in the law to assist all the departments in trying to educate each other on how we all do things and get consistency and get 311 to that p push out the same information part of the task force oh, this is for the billing department so there's changes that the silo departments do and have
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something in a involvement it's not necessarily forward facing for the department but internal and create a second one i've brought up for a 311 website forward facing kind of are chart. so did that makes sense that's as much of the exercise to change the law. i'm parting asking asking two years ago you presented united states information about paris with minds >> i so want to do that. >> so i don't know what department wants to own that. >> maybe i should bring that up. >> commissioner hyde. >> well, two questions first, i know a lot of the meetings with the neighbors around sound when people call 311 does that create a record of the call.
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>> yes. it does. >> so a lot of them feel their calls are not being recorded. >> no 311 complaints come to us every week, we get them all. >> do they show up on police tabs. >> that's a different system. >> okay. >> so if you call 01, 2, 3 the number one emergency that will show up you can ask it for a number back but 311 is a different system we'd like for consistency for everyone to use 311 for noise complaints we get them immediately if you will, and we can go in and look at them if they call the non-emergency this is calling the right place for the right source of noise if you want
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immediate response don't call 311. the police are on call a that's what they do 24/7 so w you have to figure out >> so someone f is just a second hammering 3 o'clock in the morning they call the police what can they do. >> they should call 311 again, this as complication the more noise you get the more tour buses that have amplified noise and ice cream trucks. >> and about the size of the festivals is there a certain size the festivals people are going to. >> the criteria for the
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selection of the different festivals but after the lgbt q it was after spreading among different parts of the city more around the diversity not necessarily size there they kicked out a you bunch off the list when they decided it was locals to them if you're in san francisco they want to count people that come from outside. >> are they doing fulsome. >> yes. >> chinese new year are they going to do that. >> chiropractors be no, but cherry blossom.
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>> okay i'm going to turn it over to inspector burk. >> thank you director cane good evening, commissioners. a little bit more of outside festivals two we understand ago we had the hate fair nothing to report one stages one on masonic i did a couple of loops around 1:00 block a distance from each stage there was only barrel audien audiencely and the past we are not talking about the north beach fair on the intersection of grand streets i heard via pd and north beach teams there were scuffles at the fair but didn't witness and have net yet to
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receive police reports and during the fair on the club atmosphere they having had a party called the rage eerie i was there for pardon me from 7 to 9:00 p.m. and from what i witnessed there was some pretty good spill over crowds from the fair and entertainment from the stages the security teams did a good job of controlling the crowd and no issues. a couple new classrooms those past two weeks at the 695 the harbor and the rye the only thing weasel be permanent was the pool table they've gotten complaints about leaving the door open i mean, i'll investigate that. the emergency room we're current
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looking the temporary use permit from the planning department there are 3 franchises there we've got two complaints on presidio so i paid a vital and rock pco had complaint. viking ills are doing a monthly called a rent party. and they're working on trying to get better control over their sound system that's hooked up to a jude box. i mentioned the revolution cafe had with a lack of security and good neighbor policy violations i paid them a visit and saw no
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improvement i'll be issuing them a certification again over the good neighbor policy and with the revolution stemmed from a neighborhood complaint about a year. we got a recent complaint of somewhat an ongoing neighbor at fillmore on geary based on what i'm observing on the fillmore street they're not in violation of those ordinances and we're working with the residents to figure out if he wants to conduct a test of what he's hearing but i'm not able to reproduce the issues he's experiencing. he will not let me in
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(laughter) >> he will not let you in. >> he has let me know that's not the route he wants to take. >> oh, well. >> it's tough so we'll see. we've sound tested two new permit holders at hawthorne is that 45 the geary >> yep that's what it is called. >> a beautiful sound system. and that about wrap up any questions or comments >> on one hand well revolution cafe has a permit. >> they do. >> and super tiny. >> small. >> i reminding remember they came down to get a permit for a
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celo. >> i think they're generally speaking they have small 3 piece acoustic. >> their literally no room in the place if at the close the door. >> correct if they have a abandon it's a tough environment to have egress it's a tough environment to control from a security preserve to the basic construction it's hard to police with open containers so it's a tough spot. >> yeah. that's what i thought okay. thank you. >> any other questions or comments to us. is there is there any public comment? on the directors or